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Latest Women's Traditional Payal at Diya Online

Payal, also known as Anklet, Paijeb, and Paizeb, is a contemporary and compact version of Ghunghru that is worn around the ankle. Payal or Paijeb was an important part of a girl's life in India, from the moment she was born to the time she wore it throughout her life. Payal, on the other hand, are now more of a symbolic ornament in various parts of the world and are worn for a variety of reasons. There are other collections you can match with your salwar suit or saree.

Anklets, a slicker and more modern version of Payal, have evolved dramatically over the decades. They have evolved in appearance and style as a result of their travels through various cultures. Anklets used to be a sign of a woman's marital status. It's now a fashionable item that Indian and Western women wear with their costumes. 

The anklet is no longer a dressy accessory reserved for special occasions. Instead of being made of silver or gold, anklets are now made of plastic, beads, stones, and other materials to suit one's comfort. As a result, they're more wearable as a fashion accessory. Here is the best time to shop for a jacket, women's wear, women's shoes, scarves & shawls, kurta for Eid. And also looking for women's abaya & jacket for Eid, petticoats, Bottoms and Trousers, Pakistani Suits For Eid, and much more.

Payal for daily and special occasions are available in a wide range of styles.

Complete your look with some essential Payal and Anklets. Add some sparkle with our wide range of Indian & Pakistani payal to give you a head to toe complete look.