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Explore the timeless charm of traditional payals from Diya. Aiding you in styling your ethnic fits from head to toe, Diya’s exclusive collection of anklets is available online. These sparkling pieces come with little ghungru that sound melodious whilst you walk. Also, the sparkle of these payals complement your designer fits elegantly and effortlessly.

Our star piece is the golden payal. They come with so many little gungru in gold, making them sound mellifluous. These payals come with a copper base that is plated with gold making them stronger and attractive. In addition to this, the strong and versatile hook of these payals makes it easy to adorn them. With a standard size, these anklets can be worn by anyone. However, the heaviness and designing in these is mostly preferred by the brides. Furthermore, these payals are mostly available in gold and silver so that they can complement all your ethnic outfits.

From providing a quirky noise to adding charm to your feet, these payals are a must have in every girl and women’s accessories. Moreover, with our huge collection and mesmerizing variety, Diya has become your ultimate payal online store. With transparency in pricing and return policies, we give you the ease of choosing your favourite Asian accessories online, sitting at the comfort of your home. Along with the most ravishing anklets, you can choose from our beautiful range of earrings, necklaces, bangles, and karas online.

Let us make your festive and wedding outfits more alluring with our noisy and pretty payals. Buy your payal online today and add that melody in your life before they are gone!

Complete your look with some essential Payal and Anklets. Add some sparkle with our wide range of Indian & Pakistani payal to give you a head to toe complete look.