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Welcome to Diya's boys' traditional footwear collection, where every step resonates with cultural elegance and comfort. Our meticulously crafted range of traditional footwear is designed to complement and complete your child's ethnic ensemble, ensuring they stride with confidence and style.

To exude a sense of sophistication, our brocade juttis are the top fit. Available in a spectrum of colours, these intricately woven footwear options offer a timeless charm that perfectly complements traditional attire. Bringing the perfect blend of tradition and comfort are our brocade kusas. The detailed patterns and designs make these footwear options an exquisite choice, ensuring your young ones stand out with grace. Furthermore, our sippy juttis are crafted for both style and ease. The comfortable design is complemented by a variety of colours and patterns, making them an excellent choice for casual and festive wear. For a rather luxurious experience, you can choose velvet kusas for your little gentleman. The plush velvet material adds a regal touch to these traditional footwear options. For a more glamourous and party ready option, you can go for the zari embroidered juttis. The detailing and colour options in these juttis make them complement every outfit. For some fusion wear, you can scroll through our brocade patterned trim juttis. The unique patterns and trims add a modern twist to classic footwear, providing your child with a stylish accessory that enhances their overall look.

At Diya, we prioritize both style and comfort in our boys' traditional footwear collection. Each pair is thoughtfully designed to offer a perfect blend of cultural richness, vibrant colour options, intricate designs, and unmatched comfort. Step into a world of Indian and Pakistani traditions with Diya's exquisite traditional footwear for boys.

Shop online at Diya for a wide range of essential boys shoes from Indian & Pakistani Juttis, Khusa and so much more to complete the perfect boys look.