Your Traditional Getaway this Eid – Salwar Kameez

Traditional wear has always been regarded as the heart of festivities. You may be sitting anywhere in the world, but you sure want to adorn a classic traditional attire on a special day like Eid. This brings out a feeling of home, a sense of belongingness that nothing else can match. One such close to the heart ethnic outfit is salwar kameez.

Salwar kameez has been there ever since we have started wearing suits. These were there in the 50s, these existed when the fashion evolved in the 90s, and they still prosper when modernity has taken over in the year 2024. Standing through the tough times, salwar kameez may still have been there, but it sure has seen tremendous changes in the fits and styles.

The basic salwar kameez featured a long kameez (tunic) with straight salwar. This became popular as one of the most comfortable ethnic outfits, for it is breezy and easy to carry. With time, the salwar went through many transitions like – the heavy Patiala salwar or the tight poncha (bottom). The kameez also saw variations such as the different length sizes, straight kameez or A shape, and so much more. Through all these fashion waves, the basic essence of salwar kameez remained the same – to exude modesty and class!

As the fashion world has taken salwar kameez to a global front, the quality and designing have adapted to this modernity. The prints have become more vibrant, the embroideries have become intricate, and stitching has become more precise. People around the world are now choosing salwar kameez over other traditional outfits or even western wear.

Another factor that made salwar kameez a hit is that it can be worn by women of any age with pure grace. Just a little change in the design and it is perfect for anyone and everyone. Plus, the addition of dupatta with a salwar suit elevates your looks so much. Whether you choose a colourful dupatta or one with laces, your final look is definitely going to be extraordinary.; and to aid you in achieving this look, Diya has the best Eid salwar kameez in the UK. Diya’s ready to wear salwar kameez can be easily shopped online from the website for a carefree shopping experience.

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