Step into the Regal Charm with Sharara dresses

Ethnic outfits have always been popular for they exude that extra charm that no other outfit can. Also, if you hail from an Indian or Pakistani background, you have to possess a few of these for various occasions like festive celebrations and weddings. But if you want to invest on something that fits in, in almost every event, you need to buy yourself a sharara dress.

Worn by the Mughals, sharara dresses have been known for their regal charm. The combination of a short tunic (kameez) with a loose pleated trouser makes for a classic combination that fits perfectly well in small gatherings as well as big weddings. What makes shararas different is the style of the trousers known as the sharara. It features a tight fitting up to the knees, after which it flares out into a flowy silhouette. This flowy silhouette is normally combined with a straight fitted shirt so that the body structure is well balanced.

In addition to the distinguished trouser, the shirt or kameez of a sharara dress shows varying styles and designs. You can opt for a cut sleeves kameez for a modern look or a full sleeves kameez for a rather chic look. Bell sleeves can also be opted for a trendy fit. You can also experiment with the length of the shirt, however, a short shirt till thighs makes for the perfect outfit. In addition to this, a sharara dress gives a complete look when combined with a dupatta. You may choose a similar coloured dupatta or a contrasting one, according to your taste.

Another versatile feature of a sharara dress is that, it can be made using any fabric. You can choose crepe, satin, cotton, rayon, or georgette for your perfect outfit. You can also get yours made in vibrant prints or get it intricately embroidered from the best artisans in the town. However, this may be a little troublesome! To ease your process of putting together the most classic ethnic fit, Diya Online, based in the UK, has curated a handpicked collection of ready to wear traditional clothes including sharara dresses. These dresses are available in so many designs and sizes that you are sure to find the perfect one in no time!

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