Outfits that Spark Traditionalism

Eid is a festival that pays homage to the bonds of family and community. By collectively offering prayers, people come together to celebrate their culture. And for these get togethers, they come up adorning the best traditional outfits they possess. While talking about Asian customs and clothing, it is a salwar kameez that strikes our mind at first. Known from the olden times, salwar kameez has been a symbol of ethnicity for both men and women.

Although the dynamic nature of fashion has brought many changes in this traditional fit, the basic essence remained the same. It features a long tunic (kameez) with loose fitting trousers (salwar). With time both these things have gone through tremendous changes. For instance, the length of the kameez has seen changes from very short to ankle length; the style of the sleeves changed from plain long sleeves to balloon shape; the bottom end of the salwar went from loose to tight. However, one thing remained constant over all these years – modesty! Salwar kameez was and sill remains a symbol of prudence and decency for many.

For woman, a salwar kameez is generally paired with a dupatta that adds charm to the final look. The dupatta may be same in colour or in contrast with the outfit. It may also feature embroideries, prints and/or laces for a more elevated look for the festivities like Eid. Men salwar kameez, however, is a two-piece outfit only. However, you may choose to add a stall or shawl. Both the salwar and kameez may be same in colour or come in various combinations. These breezy fits may also feature embroideries over the neck and borders or sippi work. You can also buy them in quality fabrics like chikankari, viscose, or brocade.

Each time you choose to wear a salwar kameez, you will be taken back to the roots of your culture. And to help you to relive your ethnicity, Diya Online, based in the UK, has the most extravagant collection of Eid salwar kameez. The variety and designing of these attires are amongst the best in the market making you feel your best. So, choose your salwar kameez at great prices with Diya today!

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