Choosing the Outfit of Your Dreams: Indian Lehenga


Your clothes are the true judge of your personality and it applies for your traditional wear as well. You may be adorning these clothes for a particular occasion but these attires feature your true Indianness. The vibrancy, designing, and embroideries of these clothes reflect the art and craftsmanship in Indian heritage. One such famous ensemble that has been known since old times is lehenga choli. The long-flared skirt paired with a choli combines to form the most celebrated women outfit for any festive event or wedding occasion. 

How to choose your perfect Indian lehenga? 

While it mostly depends on your style and event, there are certain factors that you could keep in mind before making a purchase. 

  1. Body type: You may want to add more flare or cane-cane to your lehenga if you are petite. This is going to give you a fuller look. For women slightly on the plus side, less flare is suggested. Similarly, heavier embroideries are going to add more bulkiness. So, it is better to choose the ones with less or minimal embroideries. 
  1. Occasion: Your choice of lehenga highly depends on whether the occasion is big or small and if it is taking place in the day time or at dusk. For day functions, you can choose light hues that are classy and soothing. Georgette printed lehengas are your best bet here. For night functions, you can opt for darker colours with more embroideries. Sequins lehengas are more preferred during the night events. 
  1. Age: While age is no longer a deciding factor for all, but some women still want to dress maturely as they age. Silk lehengas or embroidered lehengas with heavy dupattas are the best options for mother of the bride or groom and other elder wedding guests. Flowy plain or georgette lehengas are amongst the top choices of bridesmaids. 


Where to find your dream Indian Lehenga? 

After you have decided on the style you want to pick, you may want to find a place that sells high quality and reasonable ethnic wear. Diya is the trusted name for all things ethnic. From heavy embroidered lehengas to chic sequins lehengas, Diya brings forth everything online, making your shopping experience an easy one. 

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